Accelerate - Master the Mechanics of Quantum Leaping

Join me for this three part mini series where we will be Mastering the Art of Quantum Leaping to catapult you into your dream life. 

I am hosting this live on zoom on 22nd Feb 2022 at 9pm Uk time/ 4pm ET. 

In this mini series I will be walking you through how to bring your deepest desires to life through the quantum realm. 

We will be shifting your consciousness and creating rapid transformations. 

This is not only how to manifest but how to manifest rapidly. 

I will share with you the method of quantum leaping and I will take you through a powerful activation where we will not just be visualising your future. We will be turning it into a future memory. 

When you buy your place you will get lifetime access to the recording and an audio version of the activation. 

Plus you get a voucher for $111/ £97 to upgrade to Magnificence Experience.

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Welcome to Accelerate

This is your members portal and I recommend saving this page to your Home screen of your phone so you can access it like you would an app. 

Bonus Call - Using Your Emotions as a Guide

I have loved sharing this experience with you. If you would like to continue on this Epic journey with me then join me in Magnificence.

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