30 Day Abundance Challenge


I am so excited to be opening the doors to this incredible 30 Day Abundance Challenge. 

We hold onto so many money blocks and limitations that it stops money flowing to us. 

Being rich is our birthright. 

A flow of abundance is always available to us but our beliefs and energy creates a barrier preventing us to receive it.

This 30 day Challenge is designed to clear all the resistance that has been created from us operating in a lack mindset. 

We will be:

💥 Clearing all resistance an limitations to wealth

💥 Reprogramming our beliefs to attract more with ease

💥 Shifting our vibrational frequency to become a money magnet

💥 And finally living the life we were born to live

Close your eyes and imagine what you truly desire. That life where you finally feel like you have made it. You have family and friends saying to you "I'm so proud of you. Look at what you have done. Tell me how you make it look so easy.' Everything you have ever wanted is yours. The lifestyle, the love, the happiness, the impact. It is all yours. You are completely secure in who you are and what you are doing. You know that money supports you be who you want to be. Money flows into everyday. You attract money as easy as breathing. It is so natural to have money, to have choices, to be able to help others, support charities and foundations that are important to you. To know that you have money creates more goodness in the world. 

This is who you are meant to be. 

This is how easy money should flow to you. 

It is time to allow it.

If you are ready to finally let go of:

❌ Feeling unworthy

❌ Struggling to attract/ make more money

❌ Watching money go out as fast as it comes in.

❌ Feeling like your big dreams are out of reach

And you are ready to:

✅ Feel worthy and deserving of your desires

✅ Attract money with ease

✅ Finally feel financial free

✅ Have everything you need to make those dreams a reality. 

Then this challenge is for you!

I will be guiding you through a powerful energy shift everyday for 30 days.

We will be clearing limiting beliefs, money blocks and feeling of unworthiness and replacing these thoughts with clarity, abundant beliefs, confidence and worthiness so you attract everything you want and more. 

No more:

❌ Holding yourself back

❌ Playing small

❌ Being afraid to be rich

It is time to steps into:

✅ The most Abundant version of you

✅ Be seen

✅ Be heard

✅ Make those dreams come true. 

Join today and get lifetime access to:

💥 Daily Tapping Videos to release your limiting beliefs.
(Available from Nov 1st)

💥 My Six Steps to Manifesting Guide/ Videos

💥 Tapping Masterclass to get you started

💥 Access to a Community Hub

💥 Ongoing Support and Motivation from me 

Tapping is a tool that has completely changed my whole life and I know it can do the same for you too. 

Join me for 30 days of manifesting miracles!

Rachel ✨

4 Modules

Welcome to the 30 Day Challenge

Welcome to the 30 Day Abundance Challenge

I am so excited to be sharing this with you. 

What is Tapping?

Tapping is the technique we are going to be using to release our beliefs. 

Watch this mini masterclass to find out more.

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