Imagine living a life full of....

Imagine your life being

full of....

Limitless Abundance

Insane amounts of pleasure

Ultimate alignment and flow

And freedom to be, do and have everything you could possibly desire and so much more! 

This is all available for you!

We all have a divine limitless energy inside of us and when we activate this Magnificence we can create heaven on earth. 

Your were born limitless.

You are a magnet for miracles.

You have the ability to create any reality you wish.

You can design your future.

To attract your soul desires. 

When we tap into our limitless power we can step into who we are truly meant to be.

Letting go of all limitations, doubts, and negative beliefs. 

Journey with me to Unleash your Magnificence.....

This is an energetic container for women on the rise!

Learn to become...



& Free.

To live a magnificent life all on your terms!

Have you ever looked at someone and thought how do they do it?

They just seem to glide through life turning everything they touch to gold. Making life look effortless and fun. Whatever happens they just glow and you see people gravitate towards them. Opportunities seemingly fall at their feet and you think, "I would love to know their secret." 

The thing is, It’s not a secret. 

It’s not something that only they can have. 

This can be you! 

You can live the most magnificent life.

Opportunities flowing easily to you, everything you touch turning to gold. Attracting the most enriching relationships, receiving more than you could ever have dreamed of and feeling absolutely incredible. 

These people are not different to you, they’re not more special than you are. They’ve just accessed the power within them. They’ve tapped into their Magnificence and let it shine.

They create their world from the inside out. 

They know how to activate their most magnificent life. 

We all have this divine power inside of us, this energy, this magic. It is available for you now. 

This container will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced. We will be alchemising the energy within to create a life beyond limits. 

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Hi, I'm Rachel!

I have always felt a little different, always looking for an unconventional approach to things. Never wanting to follow the norm. Even though I did because let’s face it, that’s what we are taught to do. But there was always something inside me that was calling me. A niggle that wouldn’t go away. Because deep down I knew I was meant for more and I needed to explore it.

My path of searching led me to unusual routes for answers and eventually led me to this thing that had been missing. 

Manifestation. Finally there it was. Like a lightning bolt had come down from the heavens I could see that I was meant for more. And now I knew how to create it.

However, learning to manifest didn’t give me the answer I thought I was looking for; it gave me so much more. I found the power that was inside of me. The Queen that chooses her outside world, that knows her worth and that is here to change the world. That’s what I found, now what will you find? Let’s see…...


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Join me in Magnificence where you will....

  • Activate the Conscious Creator within so you can create a life that is limitless, aligned and free. 
  • Alchemise the past so you can free yourself from negative and limiting beliefs.
  • Ignite the future you, unlocking the Queen energy to embody the most confident and powerful version of you. 
  • Master the art of projection so you create any future you desire and bring it into fruition rapidly with ease and flow. 
  • Uncover the hidden archetypes and levels of consciousness that have been unconsciously running the show and holding you back. 
  • Master the energy of frequencies so you can charge up the level of abundance, success, confidence and pleasure you experience at will. 

  • Powerful Live Teachings with lifetime replays. Each teaching will create life-changing mindset shifts and raise your vibration instantly (Value $888)

  • Immersive Activations. These incredible activations will reprogram your subconscious to align with your true soul's desires, increase your confidence and align you with the power you have within. (Value $222)

  • Live Coaching Q&A Calls. These will be open sessions to deep dive into your specific questions and breakthroughs. (Value $997)

  • Lifetime access to the private Community. Meet your soul tribe, to grow and develop with with Queens like you. (Value $997 - this community will continue grow as Magnificence develops - you will be a founding member)

  • Lifetime updates if there are changes and additions to the material. (Value $1111)

  • Instant Access to Manifest Your Magnificent Life Foundation Program. Start Manifesting today with this easy to follow course that will align your mind to manifest your desires (Value $444)

  • Instant Access to Accelerate - Master the Mechanics of Quantum Leaping three part mini series. This mini series will help you uncover your true desires and collapse the timeline so you can manifest these desires rapidly (Value $111)

  • Instant Access to Manifestation Meditation Bundle. These incredible meditations are powered with energy healing to increase your ability to receive. (Value $77)

  • Credit to Upgrade to Miraculous Success Academy. You can use all the money you paid for this program as credit towards upgrading to the Academy. The academy is a 12 month container for women on the rise. You get full access to all my trainings and upcoming trainings for a year plus access to the Academy Telegram Group for a years worth of Mentoring with me. So when you upgrade you get Magnificence for free.

  • Option to Pay in USD or GBP. I am offering you the chance to pay in whichever currency suits you. Choose to pay in either US dollars or British Pounds.

Do I need to be an Entrepreneur?

I attract a lot of Entrepreneurs because a lot of what I teach is about freedom and financial freedom. That being said this program is about accessing your personal power to manifest the life of your dreams. So if you are not an entrepreneur you will still get everything you need from this experience. Plus you may surprise yourself with the desires that come through for you. 

Do I need to have intuition?

Everyone has intuition and I will help you unlock and enhance it during this experience, whatever level you are at. However, the key to this experience is about understanding energy and how you need to use it to become a perfect match for everything you are looking to attract.

What if I can't make the classes live?

You will not miss a thing. Replays are available and you will get lifetime access to those.

Is this a beginners manifesting course?

This experience is designed to align your energy to your most successful version of you ever. It is for anyone who has a deep desire for more in their life whether you are a beginner or not. The teachings are all about the energy and frequency of manifesting so if that doesn't feel aligned for you just yet you may want to try Manifest Your Magnificent Life first. If you try Manifest Your Magnificent Life and then decide to upgrade you will be able to use your full investment as a credit.

What is Accelerate and do I get this too? 

Accelerate is a three part mini series where I teach the foundations that underpin all of the learning in my programs. This series dives into the mechanics of collapsing the timeline between where you are now and your desires. This mini series is so powerful and alone will change your life. You will receive full access to Accelerate as you join. However if you wish to buy Accelerate as a stand alone mini series you can also do that. Plus if you wish to upgrade, you can use your full investment as a credit towards Magnificence.

What is the Miraculous Success Academy? Is it for me?

The Miraculous Success Academy is a space for anyone who is committing to huge expansion and success this year. It is a year long container where you will receive, coaching, community, mentoring, teachings and so much more. Magnificence is one of at least six containers I will be releasing this year and anyone in the Academy receives access to all of these experiences plus bonuses. They also receive monthly extended teachings to dive deeper into the energetics of miraculous success and monthly hot seat coaching calls. Anyone in the academy also gets access to a private Telegram group with exclusive access to me. This means you get mentoring and advice quickly and direct from me and the other powerful women in the group. Click here for more details.

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